Alena was born in Minsk, Belarus and spent most of her life there until she moved to America.


She graduated from the Belorussian State School of Choreography in 1988 and became a professional dancer and soloist of the Belorussian State Dance Company "Khoroshki" - a well known dance group among Slavic and East European countries. With "Khoroshki" she toured over half the world.


In 2000 Alena was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Belarus.


Alena's professional career as a dancer lasted for more than 20 years.


In 2007-2010 she combined the career of a dancer and a teacher of choreography in College of Arts and School of Choreography.


In November 2010 Alena moved to San Francisco, California. She currently works as a dance instructor in her program 

Body Ballet