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Class Description


Body Ballet includes different approaches to achieve proper posture and training of the core muscles. It also gives you a positive sense of self that is so needed in today's society.


Warm up

Slow stretching to set to pleasant music gradually causes perspiration and warms up the muscles to prepare you for the workout. As our muscles get warmer, they also become more flexible.


Barre exercises are inspired by the classic technique and structure of a ballet class. The emphasis is on the exercises which create long, lean muscles like that of a dancer. Ballet is an art whose incorporation into fitness gives one a quality of a movement noticeably different from other kinds of classes. 


Exercises with weights build lean muscles and help maximize your calorie burn, making the body leaner and fitter.

Body Sculpting
A combination of floor Pilates with Pilates rings, and a personal approach, this varied mat workout centers around toning and sculpting muscles in order to achieve our ideal ballet dancer aesthetic.


Stretching and lengthening muscles is a relaxing way to elongate your physique while keeping the muscles and joints healthy and mobile.

Body Ballet is a unique workout program that takes the principles of classic ballet training and transforms it into a modern workout that fits the needs of today's active women - of any age. You don't need any previous dancing or fitness experience. This exercise method is inspired by Ballet, Pilates and aerobics to create a slim and sleek figure. Sculpt your body stronger and leaner! 

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